Growth Hacking panel at SUP46

On Wednesday, Elia Mörling kindly asked me to take part in a panel on the topic of growth hacking – “From 1 to 1 million customers”. The meetup was hosted by Peter Fosso and his group, Stockholm Entrepreneurs. It was a lot of fun to share some of the insights I’ve gained working on growth at iZettle and sharing the stage with two other very smart people: Vanessa Meyer, Marketing Director at Load Impact, and Henrik Thomé, founder of Sonetel. 

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Processing Evernote as part of a weekly review

Here’s a simple way to take a look through the notes you created in Evernote recently to see if there is anything actionable in them that you’d like to add to your to-do lists.

During the working week, I throw lots of stuff into Evernote. There are scans of my paper notebook with meeting notes, long email threads with background information for upcoming and ongoing projects, and random ideas and scraps of information that come along. I felt it was necessary to review this stuff once per week as part of my GTD Weekly Review to avoid a creeping sense of anxiety that there were uncaptured actions and commitments in there. 

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How to succeed at native advertising – and how not to do it

To hear many increasingly desperate media executives tell it, "native advertising" will be the solution to their woes. And it's definitely not just the dinosaurs either – Facebook's initial struggles with mobile revenues have seen many pinning their hopes on native advertising there and in other social networks too.

"Native advertising" as a term is well on its way to becoming an almost meaningless buzzword. For now, we can take it to mean "Anything but banners". For web publishers, this has meant that paid advertising has infiltrated editorial space, and now it's undercover, wearing the same headlines, bylines and layout.

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Hello, iZettle

Some exciting news: I’ve joined the team at iZettle. For those of you who don’t know them, they’re a Swedish company that lets anyone take card payments using their phone or tablet. They’re only three years old but are already present in 10 markets, including Mexico and Brazil. 

I’ll be working on creating content for iZettle’s existing customers in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) team. I’ve already gotten to know some of the team and I couldn’t be happier to be here.