Stockholm’s 10 Best Designed Startups: Introduction

Scandinavia has a world-famous reputation for design. Shouldn't that extend to its startups, too? Indeed it does. I've been deeply impressed since moving back to Stockholm a couple of weeks ago by the all-round standard of online design, even in industries that I hadn't expected, like loan consolidation. So of course I couldn't resist a little friendly ranking. I've come up with my list of what I think are Stockholm's 10 best designed startups. Here on the blog, you'll get to see my list as well as my reasons for including each site. I'll go into even more detail for the best startups – as Charles Eames said: "The details are not the details. They make the design."


All the startups listed on were considered. Of those, 20 were scored out of ten, in five categories, for a maximum possible score of 50:

  • Imagery including icons, illustrations, photographs and video
  • Typography font choices & typesetting
  • Copy clarity of meaning; informativeness; brevity
  • Colour distinctiveness; complementariness
  • Responsive fidelity across devices; functionality

Sites without a responsive design were scored zero in this category. This meant some rather cruel outcomes for sites without responsive design, but I think this reflects how important a responsive design is today. Of course, each business has its own set of metrics to take into account that I amn't privvy to. What do you think? Is responsive a must have today? Let me know in the comments.


Part 1, with startups 10 – 3 is available now. Part 2, with startups 2 & 1, is here.

Your favourite

Of course, I have left out your favourite startup. Which is it? Who do you think is breaking new ground in startup design? To join in, just reply to this Tweet. The mentions of each startup will be counted and graphed.