Divine inspiration at Sthlm Startup Hack

Co-organiser Martina Elm gives a heartfelt thank you speech at the close of the hackathon. 

A 19th-century church on the tiny Stockholm island of Skeppsholmen was the venue last night for teams of developers, designers and hackers who together produced 32 projects in just 10 hours. STHLM Startup Hack produced everything from iPhone apps to APIs to web services – even an app for setting the colour of your Philips Hue RGB LED lightbulbs after an Instagram feed.

And the winner was...


The winner on the night, voted for by participants, was Klatch, from team Andreas Johansson, Itai Paleg, Tom Gustafsson, Tor Åström and Adam Löke. Their iPhone app, which the team demonstrated with a working prototype, allows you to quickly create an event and find participants – say if you are one person short for your football game. Lonely souls can browse events near them on a map and join in.

Participants only had one minute to demo their hacks which was a tough challenge. One app that really impressed me when its developers walked me through was Linqup.us (think "link up us"). Their iPhone app is designed for sharing contact information at networking events. There already plenty of players in this space of course, but Linqup uses a low-power Bluetooth implementation that knows when other Linqup users are nearby, how long they spent together, when they met, and how many times they met. I loved how low-friction this is and thought that it really could work great at a conference or particularly a startup exhibition.

All the hacks

You can browse all the hacks at Hacker League. Some more projects that caught my eye that you can use now included:

  • Mat API – find nutritional information for foods
  • Read by time – reading suggestions based on how much time you have available
  • Code Volley – review someone else's code on Github to get your own code reviewed in return
  • Something Something search – a fuzzy search engine for products

Props have to go to the organisers, Joakim Ekberg, Martina Elm, Jonny Strömberg, Sebastian Höglund and Rikard Jönsson for creating an event with such a friendly, good-natured and creative atmosphere.

Update, 13/05/2013: Two more blogs about the event popped up over the weekend (in  Swedish): Sthlm Startup Hack 2013 at Vinnova, and #STHLMstartuphack, Methodkit & Commuterapp by Feffe Kaufmann.