Processing Evernote as part of a weekly review

Here’s a simple way to take a look through the notes you created in Evernote recently to see if there is anything actionable in them that you’d like to add to your to-do lists.

During the working week, I throw lots of stuff into Evernote. There are scans of my paper notebook with meeting notes, long email threads with background information for upcoming and ongoing projects, and random ideas and scraps of information that come along. I felt it was necessary to review this stuff once per week as part of my GTD Weekly Review to avoid a creeping sense of anxiety that there were uncaptured actions and commitments in there. 

So, I created a saved search that simply shows you all the notes you created in the last seven days. The other criteria is that the notes should not have the tag “Processed”. I open each note in turn, have a glance through it, add any actions there might be to OmniFocus, and then add the tag “Processed”. Then the note disappears from the list and I move on to the next one.

The search string you need is:

created:day-7 -tag:processed

Just paste the text into Evernote’s search field on Mac, then click Edit > Find > Save Search to add it as a shortcut.