Growth Hacking panel at SUP46

On Wednesday, Elia Mörling kindly asked me to take part in a panel on the topic of growth hacking – “From 1 to 1 million customers”. The meetup was hosted by Peter Fosso and his group, Stockholm Entrepreneurs. It was a lot of fun to share some of the insights I’ve gained working on growth at iZettle and sharing the stage with two other very smart people: Vanessa Meyer, Marketing Director at Load Impact, and Henrik Thomé, founder of Sonetel. 

Elia did a great job moderating the panel so I wanted to jot down some of the things we discussed.

Measure, measure, measure

We all agreed that measurement and metrics are a non-negotiable part of growth hacking. Henrik said it was “like Christmas” every time he gets to update his deck of charts showing how Sonetel is performing. 

Great growth hackers might not identify as growth hackers.

The Transparent Speaker, from People products

The Transparent Speaker, from People products

Martin Willers asked a great question about how to attract and hire growth hackers. The fact is that “growth hacking” is a buzzword that happens to be trendy right now. Many people who would make great “growth hackers” would never identify themselves as such – in fact, they might not even have heard of growth hacking. So cast a wide net when recruiting.

By the way, Martin is the co-founder of People People, makers of the incredibly cool Transparent Speaker.

See the whites of their eyes

Vanessa stressed the importance of going out and getting in touch with your users, especially at early stages. This gives you a real head start on your data. Call up your first testers, send them a survey, go out and meet them.

Piggyback on existing communities     

We talked about building an audience for a beta programme. Relying on friends and family will probably get you lots of positive feedback since they’re keen to encourage you, but for accuracy you’ll need strangers. Finding and infiltrating existing communities that are relevant to your product is a great way to build this audience. And since your product provides value, you aren’t sponging!

Finally, I want to mention Elia's Growth Hacker Deck, a set of cards to help you brainstorm and workshop your way to growth. He's crowdfunding the set which is a great example of walking the walk rather than just talking the talk. Check it out.